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Building kinship care peer support groups in your local community: A new Peer-to-Peer Support Service for all kinship carers in England, funded by the Department for Education and led by Kinship.

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A young boy wrapped up in warm clothing on the beach on a cold day in January. He has a knit hat and gloves on with a big coat. He's with his father and big sister.

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Kinship care often begins in crisis….

A child whose parents are unable to care for them, for whatever reason. It’s frightening, confusing and heart-breaking.
Instinctively, a loved one steps in – a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or family friend. They are now a kinship carer, bringing up the children they love.

There’s no chance to prepare. Plans are pushed aside. Relationships, jobs and savings are sacrificed.

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Three ways to get involved

We know that when kinship carers come together, they create a powerful community. So we want to support you to create these communities in your local area.

kinship carer grandmother

Set up a local peer support group

We want to support kinship carers to set up their own peer support groups where they live. It will be your support group, so it needs to meet your needs. We’ll help you do that.

Set up a support group
kinship carers meeting

Support other kinship carers

We have lots of other ways you can use your experience as a kinship carer to help other kinship carers. From becoming a Someone Like Me volunteer, to helping out on our new online chat service.

Find out how to volunteer
kinship carers community

Join the kinship community

Signing up to our community means you’ll receive helpful information and invitations to events that will help you in your role as a kinship carer.

Sign up to the Kinship Community
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Father helping his son in study at home on laptop and smartphone
Kinship carer and kinship child
Father helping his son in study at home on laptop and smartphone
Kinship carer and kinship child