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Kinship Together  is a new podcast that features real-life stories, experiences and advice from kinship carers. You can listen to episodes using the player below, or find and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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What is Kinship Together?

Kinship Together is a podcast where you’ll hear real-life stories, experiences and advice directly from kinship carers. These are the relatives and family friends who step up to care for a child when a parent no longer can.

This first series of Kinship Together includes seven episodes in total. The introductory episode is a chat with Lucy Peake, Kinship’s Chief Executive, who talks about the importance of kinship care, kinship peer support groups and what the future looks like for kinship carers. The following five episodes each feature a conversation with a different kinship carer about their experiences. In the last episode, we revisit some of the highlights from previous episodes, taking a moment to pause on reflect on the special memories that make all the hard work worthwhile.

While all the carers we speak to come from different backgrounds and became kinship carers in different ways, they are connected by their positive experience of peer support. All have found that meeting other kinship carers has brought them connection, friendships and emotional support.

We hope that by listening to their stories, you gain useful information, confidence, and even a little advice to help you in your own kinship journey.

How long are episodes?

Episodes are no longer than 25 minutes long, so you can listen to them on the way back from the school run or when you get chance for a quick cup of tea.

Read the transcripts

Not everyone enjoys listening and it may be you have specific needs that mean you’d prefer to read what the kinship carers featured in Kinship Together have to say. That’s why we’ve included a transcript of each episode, so you can read the interviews in your own time and at your own pace.