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Want to talk to someone who understands what you’re experiencing as a kinship carer? Our specially trained kinship carer volunteers are here to listen on the phone.

Talk to another kinship carer

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Feeling like things are getting on top of you? Being a kinship carer can be a tough role. There are moments of real joy and happiness. Then some tough times when you just want someone to talk to. Who really gets what it can feel like.

Our Someone Like Me service is here for you. It is free to use and experienced kinship carers are on the end of the phone to give you emotional support.

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We’ll match you with a trained, friendly and supportive kinship carer volunteer who'll listen to how you’re feeling and give you emotional support.

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Someone like me volunteer
"It was a pleasure to talk with someone like me; I felt more motivated especially when I told her about going back to work. She lifted my spirit and I would like to talk to her again. Thank you for coming up with such a thoughtful way of support."
Kinship carer after using the Someone Like Me service

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