Peer support group library

Are you thinking about setting up a peer support group for kinship carers? Maybe you already run a group but you’d like a bit more support? The resources and information in our library will help you, whatever your situation.

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What’s in the library?

Our library is created with kinship carers. So you’ll hear the voices of other kinship carers, many who run groups of their own, who kindly share their experience.

You’ll also hear from the people who work at Kinship. The support we can give – if you’d like it. Things like – ‘what is a group agreement and how can they help a group? Or ‘Not everyone is getting involved – how do I manage that?

It’s free to access and we’ve divided it into different topics, so you can easily choose the sections that are you’re most interested in. You can dip in and out. Watch videos, download resources and read helpful information. And we’re always adding to it with your requests.

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Peer Support Group Library

Free tools, tips and guides to help you set up your own kinship peer support group. Learn from other kinship carers leading groups.

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Join the Kinship Group Network

We’ve developed the Kinship Group Network. A space where group leaders, or those thinking about starting a group, can get the support they need, ask questions, and meet other group leaders to share tips and experiences.

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Free workshops for kinship carers

Whether you are new to kinship care or have some experience, we run free online workshops for all kinship carers in their caring role.

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