Kinship Carers and Bereavement Group


This is a space for kinship carers to meet and talk to other kinship carers that have experienced bereavement. This monthly group is led by Kinship and meets online using Zoom.

Aunty facing away from the camera with her young niece looking at the camera over her aunts shoulder

Tuesday 23 April – 12.30pm-1.30pm

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Tuesday 28 May – 12.30pm-1.30pm

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"It's like stress relief. When you hold all of this in, and then when it's out, it's such a weight off your shoulders. You don't think at the time, but afterwards, after the tears and everything, it's it comes out and it's you feel so much better. That you've been listened to, that people are there and they understand."
A kinship carer attending a Kinship led group

Special interest groups

As part of developing groups for kinship carers to come together, we heard that some carers would like to meet other carers that they may have additional things in common with, as well as kinship care.

We run other regular specialist online groups – find out more here.


If you can’t find a special interest group that meets your needs, please contact us at