Section 1A: Introduction to peer support groups – what are they?

Learn about peer support groups, how they can support you as a kinship carer and how you can plan to start one up.

Kinship peer support groups – what are they and how do I set one up?

Not sure about what a peer support group is? Or how it’s relevant to you as a kinship carer? This section of our Peer Support Group Library is all about understanding peer support groups.

Understanding what a peer support group is, the different types and what you might need to think about first. We’ll take you through:

  • what’s a peer support group
  • planning your group – the questions to ask before you get started
  • how Kinship can help you set your group up

Why set-up or join a peer support group?

Kinship peer support groups are powerful places. There are so many good reasons to come together with other kinship carers.

In a kinship peer support group you’ll find:

  • emotional support from other people who understand – people living in your shoes
  • other kinship carers who’ll encourage, support you and help build your confidence without judgement
  • practical support and tips on how to find a way through red tape and other support that might be useful – help you to ‘hack the system’!
  • sharing local knowledge, access to local grants and recommendations of helpful people and services
  • just feeling less alone
  • sharing stories or just getting advice from other people who’ve been through it – practical tips – how to manage school transition, conversations about contact, experiences of bringing up siblings
  • knowing people have got your back. Telling you, you’re doing OK
  • celebrating the small and big wins of everyday life
"When I went to the group I was amazed. I heard stories that I could relate to. Everyone was so lovely – I didn’t feel judged. I found the help and support I needed and now I go every week."
Debbie, West Yorkshire (Special Guardian for her grandson)
Debbie - on the value of going to a group

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