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Our pilot online chat service makes it possible to talk with a kinship carer volunteer through our website.

Kinship online chat

Update: August 2023

Online chat was developed as an additional support service for kinship carers to gain peer and emotional support via a secure online platform.

Unfortunately, following a review of the service, we will be discontinuing our pilot online chat service from 1 August 2023 while we consider future options, as it is not meeting the anticipated need.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Other support from Kinship

Here at Kinship, we offer a range of free support for all kinship carers, including workshopsonline advice and information, and peer support groups.

Contact our advice service to speak to an adviser or book an appointment. Or drop in to our monthly Facebook advice sessions.

The Kinship online chat service

Our online chat service is free and confidential – a safe space for you to talk with an experienced kinship carer who has been through similar experiences, allowing you to share how you feel, and offload as you deal with the challenges of kinship caring.

Our trained volunteers will talk with you through the chat function and respond in real time.

We are starting off small, running the service as a pilot for the first three months. This is to make sure we can meet the needs of kinship carers wanting to use online chat, while we recruit and train more volunteers so we can offer more chat sessions in the future.

From January 2023, we will be running two sessions each week:

  • Tuesday mornings – 11am-1pm
  • Wednesday evenings – 7pm-9pm

You will see a chat button at the bottom right of the screen when you are browsing this website.

Please note: Online Chat is not an advice service. If you need advice, please use our advice service.

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