Section 3B: Deciding if your kinship peer support group should meet in person or online

As a group leader, you have the option to meet in person with other kinship carers, or online. Here we look at some things to consider about each option.

The first step

A kinship peer support group provides a supportive space for any kinship carer to come along to. A trusted place where they can chat to others in similar situations, who really understand and support one another on their journey. You’ll help create this.

Different groups meet in different ways. Some online and others in person. Some even use both of these to offer flexibility – we call this a hybrid group. This section explores all three of these options to help you decide what would help you create the space you want.

In person or online kinship support groups - how do other groups meet?

Meet other kinship support group leaders who share their reasons for meeting online or in person.

Duration: 3mins 25 secs

Need help to set up a peer support group?

If you’re kinship carer living in England, our Peer Support Service can help you set up a peer support group in your local area. Training, support and your own volunteer coordinator. And it’s free!

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Here at Kinship, we offer a range of free support for all kinship carers, including workshops, online advice and information, and peer support groups.

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