Section 3E: How to use Zoom to start an online peer support group

Not everyone can meet in person, and online groups are a great way to bring kinship carers together. Find out more about how you can use Zoom to get your peer support group started.

Choosing to meet online

Meeting as a group online is a great way to come together with other kinship carers. In Section 3B we explored some of the benefits, including how more kinship carers may be able to attend around things like work commitments.

Your online group might be for kinship carers in your local area, or you might be coming together as a group which shares special interests or have other things in common. This could be a group for just male kinship carers, those who identify as part of the LGBT+ community or groups for kinship carers who are raising their siblings.

Special interest groups for kinship carers work particularly well online. Kinship carers identifying with a particular interest can join from anywhere, which means numbers are not limited based on where everyone lives.

So let’s find out a bit more about how to get started setting up your online group.

Zoom Learning Centre

Zoom have also created a guide for new Zoom users which covers everything you need to get going.

Guide for new Zoom users

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