Section 2B: Leading a kinship peer support group – the responsibilities

If you’re setting up a kinship peer support group, you’re generally called a ‘Support Group Leader’. Here we talk about what that means – your commitment and responsibilities.

What it means to be a Support Group Leader

Setting up any peer support group takes commitment and passion. You’ll need to make sure you’re in a good place to be able to take on the responsibility.

As you start to set up your group, you’ll meet other kinship carers who might be interested in taking on some of the ‘jobs’ to help the group.

When we say ‘jobs’ we’re mainly talking about the organising part of the role. Things like, welcoming newcomers to the groups or making sure you have a good venue. Your venue might be online or one locally in a hall, a café or somewhere else. We have other resources in our Kinship Peer Support Group Library to help you decide and find those venues.

What is it really like to lead a group?

Meet Sharon, Gillian, Carol, Keith and Gillian. They’re all kinship carers and run, or are setting up groups in their local area. Find out how they see their role and why they do it.

Duration: 4 mins.