Section 3C: Naming your kinship peer support group

Naming your kinship peer support group is important. How are other kinship carers going to find you, or know who your group is for? This section will help you decide on the right name for your group and the kinship carers who will attend.

Why is the name of a peer support group so important?

We now live in a world with lots of local or online groups available and events to sign up to. Whether it’s promoted on social media or through posters or leaflets at a GP surgery, people need to quickly decide if something is relevant to them (or someone they know).

This is where a group name is really important.

Below you’ll find useful things to think about when naming your group so other kinship carers know they’ll be welcome.

Naming your kinship peer support group

Meet Rachael, one of the team at Kinship. She shares some tips of things to think about when choosing a name for your peer support group.

Duration: 45 secs

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