Coach your Voice through Breathing


Wednesday 4 October – 10.30am-11.30am

Kinship staff will call you to confirm your place 48 hours before the event. If you are unable to confirm your attendance, your space may be given to someone else.

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About the session

In our online session, we will look at how to explore our relationships with the breath and voice.

The aim is to offer you some exercises that can help to counteract stress, anxiety and to bring awareness to the benefits of practising breath work in your daily life. It is free, easy to do, accessible for all ages and there are no right or wrongs, simply exploring your own breath and the power it holds. You just need a quiet, comfortable space.

We will also play with our voices during the second half of the session, exploring the joy of freedom of expression and growing confidence in your own unique, individual voice. When we are relaxed and confident in our voices, we are able to communicate calmly and effectively which is a benefit not only to those we care for, but also for ourselves and our own mental health.

I aim to make the session easy, relaxed, interesting and fun. There is no expectation for you to do or achieve anything. I hope that our hour together provides you with calm and confidence when it comes to using your breath and voice in everyday life.

Here is a link to an article I wrote recently regarding breath practice to give you an idea of my focus on this area of work:

About the presenter

Reece Richardson is an actor, singer and voice coach who has worked with professionals and individuals at all levels. He has starred in Peaky Blinders: The Rise and other theatre productions.

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