Kinship Knowledge Exchange

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In Person

With the first National Kinship Care Strategy for England published in December 2023, this is a landmark moment for kinship carers. The Strategy sets out the Government’s plans for kinship care.

The Kinship Knowledge Exchange, which takes place on Tuesday, 5 March 2024, will bring together pioneering local authorities to find out more about the National Strategy, and discuss the new Kinship Training and Support Service, funded by the Department for Education. There will be opportunities to hear from other local authorities and share learning around support for kinship carers.

We are also delighted to announce that Dan Foster, Deputy Director – Adoption, Family Justice & Alternatives to Care at the Department for Education, is our keynote speaker for the event.

We welcome people from a range of local authority roles, particularly those involved in the planning, strategy and development of services and training for kinship carers. This could include social work practitioners working directly with kinship carers, with some responsibility around training.

Please visit the Knowledge Exchange site for more information about the event, and to book your place.